Agile systems development processes (Agile) such as Scrum, DSDM, XP and Kanban, have be­come a de facto standard for software development practice. Scrum, the most commonly used process, focuses on delivering functioning software early and continuously, and emphasizes speed, communication and de­ve­lopers collaboration in the software development process.  The context of Agile strongly affects the possibilities of IT professionals to conduct UX activities in their work.

In this workshop we aim to address success stories, challenges and best practices from integrating UX activities in Agile. Particularly, we want to focus on two periods for the integration: Before the actual agile process management starts and during the agile projects. We want to focus particularly on these questions: What UX activities work well in each of these phases? What are the challenges experienced while integrating UX during these phases? Who should be conducting these UX activities? Who are the main actors involved in these phases? When are users involved ? What are the main artifacts supporting good UX activities in each of these phases?  How is the UX role perceived by other roles?

The overall objective of this workshop is:

  • to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners, from within and outside of HCI, to discuss and suggest good ways of integrating UX in Agile.

The workshop has two goals:

  1. Identifying best practices, case studies and work-in-progress relevant to successes and challenges of integrating UX activities in Agile.
  2. Identify and discuss suggestions for good ways of integrating UX activities in Agile.


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